RIT has become the breeding ground for many future technology leaders in Rochester & around the US. RIT's website states: 

" It is a vibrant community teeming with students collaborating with experts and specialists: a hub of innovation and creativity. It is an intersection of disciplines, a launching pad for a brilliant career, and a highly unique state of mind. " 

We were approached to help create a tool that encouraged students to explore their own path into selecting courses, immersions, and major. RIT's College of Liberal Arts desired to give students a transformative experience in a digital environment that shows the importance of a well-rounded education. To be honest, many of us will select our major and do our best to avoid classes that seemingly have nothing to do with it. When in reality, we can become more multi-faceted when we pair liberal arts with our future career. The tool will provide a unique translation as to how many majors and liberal arts immersions work in harmony together. This interactive tool is not only accessible to RIT students, but to anyone outside of RIT looking to dive deeper into exploring their future.